Air Raid Sirens

Remember every last-Friday-of-the-month, at 10:00 AM? These sirens used to wail away. There are still many of these around the San Fernando Valley, power removed, but servig as a reminder of another time. These must be about 50 years old now.

Why are some still there? Will they every be used again?

Below is a map of air raid sirens that I have spotted in my travels around the Valley. There are likely many more. Many are probably already gone.

There are three different types still around. They are:

= Rotating, directional siren.

= Mounting mast only for rotating, directional siren.

= Circular"Pagoda" style, Federal Signal model 3

= Circular "spool" style, Federal Signal model SD-10

Click on the symbol to see a picture of each type